The Heart of the Home

Modern day homes now come stock with a plus sized kitchen, but that amenity wasn't always available throughout construction history. With the emphasis being on living rooms and family areas, space was limited for kitchens and pantrys in older homes. They were designed primarily to accompany one or two people at a time to cook, while the others held conversations in another room. 

As times have changed, the kitchen has now become a family oriented place where recipes are handed down to new generations and old stories are shared over Thanksgiving preparation. It is where Moms and Dads can help the kids with their math homework while whipping together a quick dish, or where science and fundraising projects are designed. 

The kitchen is considered to be the Heart of the Home because it never stops moving. Even if your kitchen isn't as big as you'd like it or it's outdated and feels overworked, it can be rejuvenated.  With Moulton Homes, you can bring back the life of your kitchen and make it feel new again. 

We have remodeled a vast number of kitchens throughout the local area, from cabinet refacing, to complete interior wall construction and redesign. We will be able to get the most usable space out of your kitchen area to share those future memories with the ones your love. 

New cabinet installation with custom backsplash and granite countertops

New cabinet installation with custom backsplash and granite countertops