Common Types Of Siding

Vinyl Siding


 Vinyl siding is attractive due to its combination of durability, color options, and low cost which make it attractive to the budget-conscious homeowner. Vinyl siding is durable and typically is under warranty for 30-40 years after installation



Stucco siding is more traditional Spanish style exterior made up of a lime mixture, sand, and cement.  Stucco installation requires a 3 coat installation consisting of a scratch coat, brown coat, and then finish coat, which add an increased level of insulation to your home. 

Cedar and Wood siding


Everyone likes wood, this type of siding can add a natural & beautiful exterior to your house.  The changing colors and tones of wood instantly make a home feel warm and inviting. Wood has the advantage of being easily replaced in small quantities if damaged.

Stone Siding


Stone siding is the Cadillac of all siding with two options available, real stone and faux stone (veneer). Stone is an impenetrable siding material that will last a lifetime with everything that mother nature has to throw at it. It has an unmatched look and extreme resiliency to weather and temperatures.

Fiber Cement


Fiber Cement siding boards are a mixture of wood fibers, sand, and cement.  It is built to mimic the look and feel of natural wood siding, with less hassle of maintenance, insects and cost. Though fiber cement boards do need to be painted, they do so at only half of the frequency as natural wood. 



Metal Siding offers a timeless option for those looking for little to no maintenance on their home. With little to no fading, a repaint job is hardly ever a concern with metal siding.